HIPAA Manual for Healthcare Providers


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HIPAA Manual for Dental & Healthcare Providers


The HIPAA Manual for Dental & Healthcare Providers consolidates the HIPAA regulations you need to know as they apply to healthcare providers. Extensive research on the Department of Health and Human Services policy, The National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have been conducted to create this comprehensive manual.


HIPA for Healthcare Providers ManualOur 2020 HIPAA Manual contains five major components:

  • 2020 HIPAA Manual for Dental & Healthcare Providers (hardback binder for training and reference)
  • 2020 Self Evaluation Risk Assessment Worksheets (USB flash drive)
  • 2020 “Do-it-Yourself” Documentation Kit  (welcome kit- USB flash drive)
  • HIPAA training resources including a written test, outline, supplemental training videos and more (USB flash drive)
  • 4 years of technical and consulting support plus free annual updates



  • What you need to know about the HIPAA Rules, HITECH Act and Omnibus Rule
  • Explanation of what entities need to comply with HIPAA
  • Identification of what information is protected by HIPAA and is excluded from HIPAA
  • Permitted uses and disclosures of Protected Health Information
  • Minimum Necessary Principle
  • Privacy Rule Administrative requirements
  • Interaction of State and Federal law with regards to HIPAA
  • Patients rights to their health information
  • Listing and explanation of the Security Rule safeguards
  • Itemized list of activities required of healthcare providers to be in compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule safeguards
  • What to do in the event of a breach of Protected Health Information
  • HIPAA enforcement details
  • Our 5 stage process for HIPAA compliance
  • Sample HIPAA non-compliance report
  • Inspection Statistics
  • Basics of Risk Analysis and Management


The Documentation Kit for Healthcare Providers (USB flash drive) contains ready-made HIPAA policies. These are fill-in-the-blank templates used to customize specifically for your practice. This kit also includes worksheets that you can use to self-evaluate your practice. This will help to determine what HIPAA protections need to be implemented.

The HIPAA Training Outline with Assessment identifies the important HIPAA topics that your staff and HIPAA Compliance Officer need to be aware of. It will also help you to prepare your own HIPAA training plan to ensure that you meet your own training goals and comply with HIPAA training requirements.

HIPAA Review Test: Included is a copy of a HIPAA test. The test has seventy-five questions taken from the manual for testing your staff on their knowledge of HIPAA questions. A certificate of completion for training is provided (on demand).

Free HIPAA posters and handouts are included.

Service Support: Included in this product is 4 years of technical and consulting support as well as annual updates. Service support begins the date of purchase. Updates are available each calendar year and are sent automatically to your email. No additional purchase necessary for a 4 year period! 

Don’t have the time to prepare your own HIPAA training program? Use ours! Combine your HIPAA Manual and Documentation Kit with our Training Program for a total compliance solution! Click here.



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