We focus so often on learning the basics to keep someone else safe like CPR training, but what can we do to keep our own hearts healthy and happy so we won’t need CPR one day.

Heart healthy exercises range from a variety of different outlets but are lumped into two main categories. These are aerobic exercises and strength training exercises.

Strength training exercises are easy to digest because it is lifting weights or resistance training, but you may be asking yourselves, “What are aerobic exercises?”.

Aerobic exercises are any form of activity that gets the heart pumping. This can include walking, jogging, biking, swimming and many more. Did you know a game of tag with your kids is aerobic exercise or playing a game of kickball with your friends?

Aerobic exercise can come in many different forms but it all comes down to your heart having to work which helps keep it healthy and happy. You don’t have to go running if you hate to run. Find something that you enjoy and can do daily and change it up each day.

In addition to keeping your heart healthy, exercise also lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and reduces inflammation in the body. There are so many benefits to heart healthy exercises. So go out today and find something you enjoy doing that will also keep your heart healthy!

video credit: American Heart Association